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Aaron Sabate

I am a Multimedia Journalist student studying in my last year at MMU, however I am also a poet and writer with an aim to get my voice heard and read as far widely as I can get it.

Currently working on my first poetry book with a brief biography of myself; inlcuding a selection of events which have got me to where I am now! Will be available on Amazon very soon, book titled 'Writing Under The Stars'

A passionate person with equally passionate words that resonate from my emotional heart, every piece of writing I produce has to have a deep connection with myself otherwise I cannot bring myself to read it, a very big believer in wearing my heart upon my sleeve when writing, allowing all my readers to see what is important to me and establishing that vital reader-writer connection!

I have come a long way from the teenager who was lost in his way and struggled to make it through until the end of his day to day...

I do hope you enjoy my articles and writing pieces, do let me know what you think of my writing.

One Love!

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