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Remain placard
27th Jun
Carl Bridge, 24, Articulated Dump Truck Driver, Chorley: Remain I am unhappy and believe we’ve made the wrong decision. I am worried about...
Manchester voters react outside Town Hall
25th Jun
A cloud of uncertainty hung over the city as Mancunians began to process the result of the Brexit Referendum. With the British electorate ...
EU referendum ballot paper
22nd Jun
Carl Bridge, 24, Articulated Dump Truck Driver, Chorley REMAIN The ability to cross borders without having to apply for visas is important...
Lord Peter Mandelson with Max Pilley and Damilola Oladokun.
16th Jun
In an exclusive interview for Northern Quota , on the day he was installed as Chancellor, he said he: “.. would like to hear from students...
Lord Peter Mandelson, Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University
14th Jun
With the EU referendum less than two weeks away, the new Chancellor of MMU has issued a stark warning over the effects of a leave vote on the...
Selma Daddi
30th May
Selma Daddi: Five reasons the UK needs to stay within the EU.... Embed from Getty Images   As David Cameron promised while campaigning...
elections, manchester, live blogging
16th May
Live-blogging is as fast paced as it sounds. You literally cannot stop for a minute, or risk missing key events. I found this to be especially true...
Map Manchester local elections 2016 ward by ward
8th May
After last year's elections, Manchester was solidly red - leading some to call it a "one party state." But after this year's...
Polling Station sign on wall
5th May
Click on the ward you want to see results for: Ancoats and Clayton Ardwick Baguley Bradford Brooklands Burnage Charlestown Cheetham Chorlton...
NHS, junior doctors,  strike, jeremy hunt
26th Apr
Striking junior doctors staged a rally through the centre of Manchester today in protest against attempts by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to impose...


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