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Review: Alina Ly proves why she is making a name for herself at the Castle Hotel

  • Alina's concert at the Castle Hotel
  • New support acts and new band members

I had the fortune to see Alina Ly play her set at the Castle Hotel in the Northern Quarter.

The whole concert was organised by Scruff of the neck and they couldn’t have possibly brought on a better show! Every single act including Alina totally delivered; the vibes from start to finish could not be contained in the overly packed room.

First to arrive on stage was Charli White; a four-piece band (including lead singer Charli) they nicely introduced the night for us all to groove to and there was not one person in the room who did not appear to be moving along to the catchy riffs and strong vocals.

The whole atmosphere was so intense no one dared speak until Charli White were finished. This band has a lot going for them!

By the time I carefully made my way back from the bar for the second act, Lissy Taylor, the room was fuller than before, filled with eager expectation.

Before Lissy began she told us that she had recently come from the USA: She was living in Kentucky for a while but now she is back with us in Manchester.

When Lissy started strumming her guitar and delivered her first few lines I knew that she was special, her voice very unique and song lyrics meaningful, all of this coupled with her stage presence made her act incredible. I was totally transported amongst the wild flowers, as one of her songs was nicely titled.

Lissy Taylor
Lissy Taylor

Each song got better and towards the end as I looked around everyone had the same look as me; completely taken aback by her talent.

I later got speaking to Lissy and found out she is recording a few new songs and is due to release them on Spotify very soon, I will be sure to check her out.

Lastly, the singer I came to see. The room by this point was literally rammed and five photographers were snapping away, excluding me. It appears that Alina is gaining more of a name for herself in Manchester.

Alina's band
Alina's full band; (left to right) Backing vocals- LYZA, Lead Guitar- Jake Stentiford, Aden George Peets on the drums, Chris Rabbitts- Bass, Ollie Walton- keyboard and Lastly Alina on lead vocals

Alina’s band were all smiles and they were completely relaxed throughout the concert, very professional change over from track to track, smooth band chemistry even though as Alina told me it was the first time the keyboardist played with the band: He was meant to play in London but missed the event. The band didn’t hesitate to give the audience what they wanted and more.

Alina's drummer
Aden on the drums

My ears were delighted with the chilled-out range of songs, emotions were flying around the room song after song. Alina poured out her heart and it got too much for her at one stage, seeing her tenderness on stage added to the night.

Keyboard and Bass
Chris and Ollie 

Alina carefully thought her set through as she left her most adored song until last. 'Higher' was definitely the best song on the night, hands down. It elevated me to times when I was by the sea side relaxing and listening to the rip tide, like I said before Alina never fails to disappoint and tonight was no exception.

I did not want the end to night at all nor did my mother (who I brought along last minute) she is now Alina’s new super fan! I still have the night very fresh in mind as I write up this review, hoping she does something else soon as I already miss Alina’s music.

If you want to listen to Alina’s music you can go do so by searching for:@alinalymusic on Instagram and facebook.

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