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Aaron Sabate talks to singer/songwriter Alina Ly ahead of beginning her tour in Southeast Asia

·         We look at the up and coming singer/songwriter Alina Ly asking her some hard-hitting questions about her music career

·         Alina sheds a light on where she gets her inspirational juices from


Alina Ly is a growing Alternative Indie Soul artist from the states who is looking to spread her music over the pond, she has recently released a new single, Higher, which is already growing rapidly in popularity across the internet!

In fact, Higher has already received over 35k views on YouTube! And, her first album Take One (Live) is also receiving much appraisal from fans, the album consists of three songs which were all recorded live (in one take).

Alina in concert
Alina with her guitarist Jake Stentiford in concert at The Patron, Northern Quarter 


Alina was Born in San Diego, California then moved East to Virginia, near Washington, D.C. When she turned six years old she moved again to Florida; a place called Flagler Beach, where she spent her early years surfing with her brother. In her words she was a 'beach baby!' Florida was where she first found her musical roots.

However, she insists 'Seattle is where it all started' as that is where she played her first gig. Seattle was also where she attended university after staying in Southeast Asia for four years from the age of 12, Alina is by no means a stranger to traveling.

Just by listening to her music one can tell the ocean is a great influencer in her singing it gives a very chilled out beach vibe when I ask Alina about this she says, 'from growing up by the beach, my brother and I have always had some sort of connection with the ocean' and 'I think it comes across in my music!'

At the start of the interview I asked Alina a series of rapid-fire questions to know a little more about her; How old are you?, Favourite colour?, What are your hobbies?, Favourite tv show?

She answered; I am 23 years old, my favourite colour is blue and green, at the moment my favourite hobby is to climb! And I am currently watching a series called Glow.


Alina Ly playing guitar
Taken in London Trio band show following Highers' release

She told me she chose Manchester because 'I found the music to be diluted', she was also not getting enough opportunities to play in many open mic's with as few as 'only playing one open mic a month' and lastly the locations of the open mics were quite far apart.

'It wasn't the place for me to find my soul and grow as an artist' she concluded, when she was playing she frequently received suggestions about playing in the UK music scene and how her music would be received well. It helped that Alina has family near Manchester.

Her original plans were different from what actually occurred; initially she wanted to see Manchester's music scene then go to 'London and Europe on the interrail with a little recording studio set up' in her backpack... what actually happened was she 'fell in love' with the city 'immediately and stayed for another two months' scrapping her intended plans!

'One of the first open mics' Alina tried was the Whiskey Jar, where she met her guitarist- Jake Stentiford 'and loads of other incredible musicians who wanted to get together and make music' On the whole her musical experience whilst in Manchester was far more positive than in LA. After the first gig in the Whisky Jar she 'ended up booking gigs for the entire week and was able to play at almost every open mic.'

Lastly, Alina finished telling me about her UK tour in January, with two headlining shows, the first is in London on January 17th then another in Manchester the day after. She is really excited about her shows as ‘It is the first time’ she will have her full band and it’s ‘five incredible, talented musicians’

 She added ‘Manchester be ready for all the feels and all the vibes, the underwater spacey goodness! Also, massive love to Scruff Of The Neck Records, I've started working closely with them for Highers’ release and they've kindly organised this, so I can't wait!’


UK tour poster
Alina's official UK tour poster

If you want to know more about Alina Ly and her music search on Facebook using the handle Alina Ly music or on Instagram @alinalymusic

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