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Smiths of Word- A writer’s performance night review (community united music)

  • Northern Quota attended the first Community United Music event in Fuel Bar 
  • The line up was extremely diverse
  • Plenty of raw, unpolished talent soon to be discovered 


First things first, Community United Music is a newly founded community for musicians, writers and poets alike to 'CUM together' (as the organiser herself puts it) and spread love, compassion and positivity!

With this in mind they appear to have put on a wide range of acts who have each brought their own individuality into the stage. Slowly, it is becoming a bigger community due to its incredibly inviting strong values of equality (everyone is treated and seen as equals on stage) and CUM believe in the power that unites us all which is: love.

Every show is powerful, and one is never the same from the previous. All artists are treated with utmost respect and, within the community, there is no drive for financial gain. It is all done to spread the love of arts, literature and music culture around Manchester.

Above is the lovely Alice Spencer specialist in culture poetry
Above is the lovely Alice Spencer specialist in culture poetry


Already, people are talking about going to see their events with eager anticipation which shows the popularity it is gaining. This was my first time attending the Smiths of Word event in Fuel Bar (15th Oct in Withington) and I had no idea what treat I was in for as I didn’t recognise any of the line-up… I was shocked at the night I was going to witness!

When I arrived at the venue I was instantly taken aback by the tranquillity of the setting a mix of odd tables scattered around with different chairs and benches, a cosy little stage so close to the seating area you could easily stand up and hug the performer after their performance (I had to on one occasion as I could not hold in my emotions) and candles placed on every single table, very well laid out for an intimate deliverance of words, which is what I saw the whole night long.

It was clear to see the event was going to be special. 

The community atmosphere quickly grew with me and I felt like a true part of it, leading me to question why I had never attended before.

When it was time to leave I remained glued to my seat, having become transfixed, almost feeling fused with the furniture, absorbing every single word and along with it all the meaning and depth packed behind them.

It would prove impossible for me to choose one performer above the rest because each made me feel differently. I think part of me stayed at Fuel bar wanting the night to carry on like a spoilt child not wanting to get off the rollercoaster of emotion which was Smiths of Word.

Here is a photo of me reciting some of my own spoken word


I was in complete awe of every act feeling their poetic emotions as if they were my own. The spoken word artists managed to totally connect with the whole audience. I can truly say I am humbled to have been in the same room with such magnificent performers and not to mention the extremely organised event coordinator.

My final verdict; an amazing night to be remembered and definitely one to keep an eye out for in future! You will not be disappointed.

You can find out more about CUM's events on their Instargram: @communityunitedmusic or Facebook: /communityunitedmusic

A poster from the night


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