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Review: Widows is a disappointing film despite hype surrounding its release

  • Liam Neeson is barely in the film despite being billed as starring
  • Weak performances and a poorly paced plot make the film dull
  • Disappointing effort from director who made 12 Years a Slave

Northern Quota went to watch the brand-new film Widows which has been receiving much praise with high hopes. Anything with Liam Neeson pretty much should tell us that the film will be a good one, but boy was this far from true.

The first thing to point out is the fact that Neeson only appears for around 4 minutes despite being billed as a lead, and the actors appeared to be coming straight out of acting school or maybe they even gave that a miss; the film lacked clarity right from the start.

Anticipation for a build-up was still rife and this slowly faded within half an hour passing, the rest of the film was more an endurance test. 

The whole film has a weak story plot, badly thought-out fight scenes, poor villains who get killed stupidly after appearing to be hard killing machines such as Daniel Kaluuya. 


Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell in Widows. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Pretty much everything was appalling about the film and this review is more of a warning to stop you from making a 2-hour mistake.

Talking about the plot, firstly Viola Davis leads a team of women, all widowed, to complete a mission set out by her apparently dead husband (Liam Neeson) whom is in fact not dead and ends up robbing his dear wife, only to forget the fact she may have a gun that could kill him.

Neeson turns around goes to recover the money, then he remembers the fact his wife is not yet dead and gets shot… this would have been slightly better if his death was not made so theatrical. When I say theatrical imagine an Austin Powers death mixed with Mr Bean!

I do believe a group of secondary school students could have come up with a better story line than the one developed by the same story writer as Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave, but you can't win them all can you? 

I truly can’t comprehend how Steve McQueen could have possibly directed something so atrociously amateur and boring as Widows. 

The cast should be ashamed of taking part in this film because it turned out to be more of a Steve Pegg film than any action/drama I have seen before.

It appears that Neeson will have made a large sum of money to reduce his performance by such a large mark, it will take him a few films to redeem himself.

My verdict: only watch this film with the intension of falling asleep, maybe they should advertise this for a residential home or, prescribe it for insomia.

A solid 3/10! (this is only because of the amount of money spent on it, trust me three stars is being a bit generous as well)

female actors in widows
A still of Viola Davis holding the golden ticket. Credit: 20th Century Fox


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